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Updated: February 28, 2019

At KitamuraLaw, we are dedicated to be innovators, focusing on clients' needs with the emphasis on science, technology and government policy.

Our practice focuses on supporting/managing clients’ business process. In particular, we emphasize business process management in the complexity of public regulations and laws; we are not narrowly limited to legal risk management. Upon engagement, we immediately identify the process surrounding a particular matter, from research and development, market entry, manufacturing, marketing and delivery, in the Japanese market, and analyze how best to approach the issue.

For example, when a company intends to enter the telecommunications or broadcasting, you must first refer to the market entry manual of the authorities. But it is only the very first step. We will then identify specific steps and risks for each case, based on written provisions of laws and regulations, as well as past precedents, regulatory assumptions, and the authorities’ concerns. An optimal action plan will then be prepared to manage the process and the risks. Sometimes the purpose of our engagement is achieved at this stage, but often we are tasked to prosecute the plan we developed. Our task may be completed in an hour, or takes several months in some cases. To our pleasure, many important clients of ours are those who come back to us.

Our pride is that we are far ahead of major law firms, either Japanese or international, four major audit firms or industry specific consultants:
  • Process Management: It is our routine to manage business process in a wide variety of sectors. We possess a wide pool of expertise and intelligence often monopolized by government agencies, and base our analysis of requirements and risks on the information.
  • Action Oriented: We propose a easy to understand action plan, and prosecute it.
  • Promptness: We are quite often invited to a teleconference on a short notice, and reach conclusion within an hour, and immediately proceed to execution.
  • Independence: We are lawyers. We never hesitate to challenge the governmental power for the interest of clients.
  • Science: Two of our staff (including part time staff) have a doctorate in scientific discipline. Kitamura is the first Japanese who received both LL.M. and MPA from Harvard.
We are guided by two goals: Value and Progress. Our action plan will create maximum client value. Should there be any shortcoming in our advice, we do not hesitate to inform the client, and propose a remediation plan. Indeed, we have overcome many issues and progressed. The goals dictate our entire spectrum of practice, including small matters in civil or criminal proceedings. We always seek value and progress, for our clients. We live by making efforts which others fail to exert.
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